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One of the more recent innovations to the services offered by the online bookmakers is that if you bet with any of the online bookmakers offering the Live Horse racing service you can watch the race you bet on live on your computer.

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  • Amateur: An amateur is a jockey that has not turned professional
  • Apprentice: Young professional jockeys who can also claim a weight allowance.
  • Banker: A term used to describe a good thing that is a horse that should win.
  • Blinkers: A piece of equipment that goes over the horse's head to assist the horse concentrate.
  • Cheek Pieces: Sheepskin bands on each side of the bridle which help keep the horse focused.
  • Colt: Male horse aged up to 4 years old.
  • Draw: Flat races start in stalls and ach horse has a number to go in the stalls which is different to their racing number.
  • Filly: Female horse aged up to 4 years old.
  • Furlong: 1/8 of a mile. Equal to 220 yards or 200 metres.
  • Gelding: A male horse that has his privates removed to help get the horse focussed on the job of racing.
  • Judge: The official who declares the winner and placed horses in a race and the winning distance.
  • Lead: Weights carried in the saddle which make up the difference between the jockey's weight and what the horse is assigned to carry.
  • Length: The approximate length of a horse: about 8 feet. Winning margins are measured in lengths, ranging from 1/2 a length to a distance (more than 20 lengths). Smaller winning margins are a short-head, head or a neck.
  • Mare: Female horse aged 5 years or over.
  • Noseband: A sheepskin band around the horse's nose to help it concentrate.
  • Odds on: when the odds of the horse are less than even money.
  • On the bridle / On the bit: A horse going with ease.
  • Off the bridle: A horse that is struggling to go the gallop
  • Photo finish: In a close race, a photo finish is required to decide which horse has won
  • Pulling: A horse pulling on the bit: i.e. wanting to go too fast too soon so the jockey tries to restrain it by pulling back on the reins leading to a tug of war effect.
  • Starting stalls: Only used in flat racing to ensure every horse gets a level break.
  • Stewards: Representatives of the Turf Club who regulate every race-meeting.
  • Stewards Enquiry: An investigation by the stewards into any incidents during the race, e.g. if a jockey has broken the rules or one horse has caused interference to another.
  • Tips: be careful about taking tips as good tips are hard to come by.
  • Tongue Strap: A piece of cloth or elastic tied on the horse's tongue to keep it in place during a race.
  • Turf Club: The regulatory body in charge of the rules and regulations, maintaining the integrity of Irish racing.
  • Valet: People employed by jockeys to assist them in their preparations for each race, checking and cleaning equipment etc.
  • Visor: A similar device to blinkers but less restrictive.
  • Weight: The amount the horse has to carry in the race.
  • Weigh Out/Weigh In: Weighing a jockey and saddle before and after a race to make sure the correct weight is carried.
  • Winner All Right: An announcement that confirms the result is official. Go Collect!.

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Totescoop6 14th December Races

Tote Jackpot Scoop6
Leg 1: 1:20 Cheltenham Leg 2: 1:55 Cheltenham Leg 3: 2:30 Cheltenham Leg 4: 2:45 Doncaster Leg 5: 3:05 Cheltenham Leg 6: 3:40 Cheltenham

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New to Tote Pool Betting

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Should you be new to tote pool betting then this site will be a massive benefit to you as we will give you all the information necessary for you to place your tote bet. Just click on this link where we have a whole section dedicated to help you understand this fun way of betting.

Horse Racing Results & Tote Dividends

Our live horse racing results service provides todays uk racing results as they happen and also an archive of past results day by day. Our results service provides the latest winners and placed horses along with their starting price, tote dividends and also the tote exacta and where applicable the trifecta.

Our tote betting service and horse racing guide also lists the latest free bets on offer with the main uk bookmakers. Each offer is updated on a daily basis, both for bookmakers free tote bets and also free general sports betting.

Tote Scoop6 Betting & Results

Tote Scoop6Probably the most publicised tote bet as it is run each Saturday and the objective is to pick the 6 winners of each of the selected races that make up the Scoop 6 on that day. The Scoop 6 races usually are the races shown on terrestrial TV so as to give it the biggest viewership and audience.

Tote Scoop6 Betting Result 14th December 2019

Scoop6 Win Fund Total:£186,599.70
Scoop6 Place Fund Total:£36,523
Scoop6 Bonus Fund Total:£212,519
Tote Placepot Betting & Results

Tote PlacepotThe tote Placepot has captured the imagination of the punting public and this is without doubt one of the most played tote bets. For those who wish to have an interest in the afternoons racing the Placepot provides the ideal bet to keep you involved throughout the day.

Tote Placepot Results and Dividends - 19th December


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